August 26th, 2015

Corrupted Kingdoms Diary: Learning From A Legend

I never played Dungeons and Dragons. I knew of it. I knew people who played it. But I never indulged. About a quarter way through the Game Development program at Fullsail I learned that one of our teachers was the co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons. My classmates would joke at how they would bow down before Dave Arneson exclaiming "We're not worthy." like a Lovecraftian cult. At Fullsail, Dave taught a class called "Rules of the Game" which was about the mechanical and dynamic aspects of games. The point of the course was to make you think about how all the rules and environmental constraits of a game system would come together to form the game itself. His lectures were long, and hypnotic. Sometimes they would put you to sleep, but when you woke up you somehow knew how to design games.

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