"VERY EASY TO TEACH, VERY EASY TO LEARN... My gamer group took to it like a duck takes to water!"

- Lance Myxter, Undead Viking

"Einstein is an 'AUTOMATIC ADDITION' to my take everywhere games library!"

- Jack Rosetree, Scrappy Preview

2-4 Players

15-30 Min

Light complexity

14+ Ages

Artana SKU: 12001

MSRP: $30

Weight: 1.2 lbs

Case Quantity: 10

Dimensions: 160x230x50mm

UPC: 6-0593052507-6

  • Broad Appeal. A light co-op/competitive abstract strategy game that takes you into the life and science of everybody’s favorite genius – Albert Einstein
  • Simple Mechanics. Place exactly two tiles into the Big Idea on your turn minimizing downtime. Even non-gamers are playing in minutes.
  • Fascinating Shapes. Unique Penrose tiles representing Ideas create compelling patterns and ensure replay value.
  • Rich in History. Meticulously researched and full of fascinating detail, cards are loaded with history showcasing the human side and other lesser known aspects of Einstein’s life.
  • Additional Languages. English edition also includes cards needed for play in German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish with non-English rules available online.

Everyone Plays Einstein

Each player represents Einstein during one of four periods in his life: Young, Prime, Globetrotting, and Wise. Seriously, who else would you want to play

Gateway Game

Accessible gameplay and comic book rules. Everyone is up and running immediately, but with enough strategic depth to keep more serious gamers engaged as well.


• 96 Idea Tiles
• 40 Inspiration Cards
• 30 Prestige Stars
• 10 Major Theory Cards
• 4 Einstein Cards
• 1 Comic-Style Rulebook