October 18, 2016

Artana October 2016 Newsletter

Brian Liston

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Artana October 2016 Newsletter

Hi everyone - we’ve been busy over the past month and we’re excited to share a bunch of great news with you!


Our newest game, Einstein, coming to Kickstarter and we begin accepting pledges at 12:01am ET Wednesday morning, October 19th! See you in a few hours! Einstein is a co-op / competitive abstract strategy game for 2-4 players. This will be our lightest game yet. Play is very accessible using simple tile-laying mechanics. Strategy, however, is subtle and offers good depth for hobby gamers despite the short learning curve for new or more casual players. Game time runs 15-30 minutes and takes you into the life and science of everybody's favorite genius - Albert Einstein! In Einstein, each player actually plays as Einstein during one period of his life: young, prime, globetrotting, and wise.



You also get a set of Idea Tiles from areas of science and a custom deck of Inspiration cards showing your Einstein’s private goals that you’ll use to form hands during the game. We chose Penrose tiles as the Idea Tiles (a tribute to physicist Robert Penrose) so the shapes you create are beautiful and compelling. And the Inspiration Cards are loaded with history and lesser-known facts about Einstein’s life further enriching the theme.

On your turn, add two of your Idea Tiles to a common shape, the Big Idea in the center of the table, trying to complete patterns shown on Inspiration and Major Theory cards. Prestige points are awarded for collaboration so be careful about helping your opponents too much!

Plus, as in our recent Tesla vs. Edison campaign, we’ve partnered again with our friends at the Broken Token to have them create a custom Baltic birch organizer as an add-on you can use to organize all of your components. Super sweet!

Einstein is designed for everyone: women and men, boys and girls, serious and casual gamers, and the geniuses and mere mortals among us. Enrich your own space-time and help us bring this project to life!

Other Kickstarter News

Backers of our Corrupted Kingdoms and Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up! Kickstarter campaigns will be delighted to know that rewards are about to ship as promised. Boats have all arrived and we’re just getting things set at depots around the world to begin fulfillment. We’re on schedule as expected and you should have your rewards very soon!

Solium Infernum Update

Dirk and JR have been working feverishly on Solium. The latest build is testing extremely well and we’re looking forward to sharing this with you in the months to come. Expect to hear a lot more about the vacant throne and get your inner archfiend ready to reign!


Not to be outdone, our artists are also working overtime. Anna has been creating amazing card art like the Hellblades shown here. We’re also psyched to announce that Chad Hoverter has joined the project to sculpt the minis for us. Chad was the sculptor for the figures in Of Mice and Mystics among other titles. We’ve been fans of his work for ages and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board. Here a shot of his current work in progress for us.










Finally, in the midst of all of this activity, we’re also getting ready to head to BGG Con in Dallas next month. We’ll be showcasing all of our latest goodies and we may even have one or two surprises to share...

For now though, that’s all for our October newsletter. We hope you come join us launching Einstein on Kickstarter tonight and we’ll see you in November.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

Team Artana

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