October 18, 2016

Artana October 2016 Newsletter

Hi everyone - we’ve been busy over the past month and we’re excited to share a bunch of great news with you!

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September 19, 2016

Artana September 2016 Newsletter!

As summer is replaced by lazy fall days, Team Artana keeps churning away on gaming goodness to bring you joy and delight. What exactly are we up to? So glad you asked!

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August 27, 2016

Artana August 2016 Newsletter

Hi Friends! Artana HQ is sweltering in the summer heat, but we’re headed to 1.3 million square feet of air-conditioned sweetness in Indianapolis…

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May 23, 2016

Artana May Newsletter

Welcome to our May newsletter! This past month, we’ve been working hard on our latest Kickstarter, keeping all of our other projects moving along, and preparing for the summer convention season. Details below!

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April 25, 2016

Artana April Newsletter

Welcome to our April newsletter - we have a ton of great stuff to share with you all this month! The big news is that we’re launching our latest Kickstarter this week on Wednesday and we’re going to provide you with an in-depth preview here.

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March 10, 2016

Artana March Newsletter

Welcome to our March Newsletter! With spring almost here, we hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather. Artana projects are in bloom and we have some exciting updates for you in this latest newsletter!

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February 16, 2016

Artana February Newsletter

Welcome to our February Newsletter! We're hard at work putting the finishing touches on our new Kickstarter launching Wednesday so we'll get right to it this month.

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January 16, 2016

Artana January Newsletter

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to our January newsletter! It’s been a busy holiday season here at Artana and we’re now all back in the studio furiously working to bring you a bunch of exciting new projects in 2016. Without further ado, here’s some of the latest new

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December 14, 2015

Artana December Newsletter!

Welcome to our December newsletter - happy holidays to everyone! We're now home from BGG Con and diving back into work at the studio. We've got a bunch of interesting news to share with you this month.

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November 20, 2015

Einstein’s Life to be Honored in Board Game by Artana

ACTON, MA (November 23, 2015) - Board game publisher Artana has been selected to create a tabletop game based on the life of Albert Einstein. This announcement coincides with the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Scheduled for release in late 2016, the game will cover Einstein’s broader personal narrative in addition to his scientific discoveries.

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