"If you own the base game, you're going to want the expansion! Absolutely amazing, absolutely great..."

- Lance Myxter, Undead Viking

“This has so powered up the base game. This is a big expansion!"

- Richard Ham, Rhado Runs Through

1-6 Players

20 Min/Player

Medium Complexity

14+ Ages

Artana SKU: 1101

MSRP: $30

Weight: 2.5lbs

Case Quantity: 10

Dimensions: 160x230x50mm

UPC: 6-0593052505-2

  • Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up! expands the epic War of Currents between AC and DC technologies introduced by Tesla vs. Edison.
  • Custom Headquarters Cards and HQ Mats provide exciting new powers and strategic choices for each Inventor.
  • Historical Event Cards introduce various opportunities and challenges each turn increasing theme and replay value.
  • New player options include an additional Inventor for six-player games, Madam C.J. Walker, as well as AIs for all six Inventors to support strong solitaire play.
  • Six female Luminaries including Fannie Farmer and Mary Anderson provide diversity and additional options to the game.
  • A new scoring system rewards more varied play and multiple victory conditions.

Custom HQs

A Headquarters Mat for each company organizes HQ Cards, the Inventor, and Luminaries. Four types of Headquarters Cards - Laboratory, Works, Office, and Studio - introduce powerful ongoing abilities, one-time effects, and special scoring criteria tailored to each Inventor.

Thematic Event Cards

21 different historical Event Cards feature real-life occurrences such the Blizzard of 1888, the Pullman Strike, and the International Niagara Commission. Each turn, an Event Card is chosen at random imposing different thematic conditions on play with new strategic challenges.


• 6 HQ Mats
• 24 HQ Cards (4 for each Inventor)
• 21 Event Cards
• 1 Inventor Card
• 19 Stock Certificates
• 7 Luminary Cards
• 6 Propaganda Cards
• 36 AI Cards (6 for each Inventor)
• 20 Wooden Cubes
• 3 Player Aids
• 16 Page Rulebook