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  • Roll The Bones, Stake Your Claims. Choose a pair of dice from the dice pool to take available actions: throw a soirée, entice celebrities, build collections, recruit cops and gangsters, play sweet jazz, bootleg hooch, and more!
  • Be A Boss. Run your own speakeasy in 1920s New York City, competing to build the best gin joint in town.
  • Make Your Mark. Add Society, Collections, and Crime cards to your speakeasy for special abilities and create your particular engine – no two games will be alike and multiple paths for victory ensure replay value!
  • Rich in History. Everything in Speakeasy Blues from the gin joints to its people, things, and places were actually part of the pulsing, feel-good world of Jazz Age New York City. Immerse yourself in this fabulous place and time and let the 20s roar again!